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With our 20 years of experience in curtain systems, we offer you the most suitable solutions by using the highest technologies.

Folded Curtain Prices and Models

Folding curtain, which is one of the ideal complements of both modern and classical environments, can be installed with 3 different mechanisms. These are the systems defined as xena, tube and bottom hub. Each of them are options that will make your choice of folding curtains more useful and stylish. Although there are 3 different mechanisms, each of them performs the same function in the same way, they just have different part structures. The working principle is quite easy. Threads or ribbons threaded onto pulleys placed on the upper rail with cortex are passed through the loops of the curtain and fixed with hooks when it comes to the lowest ring. This system, which can be moved easily with the chain control, pulls the curtain upwards by moving the bars placed at 45-50 cm intervals in a tense manner. Having such a system, the curtain can have different styles according to the preferred fabric.

This system, which is defined as folded curtains, draws attention with the fact that it can be cleaned easily and it is also very easy to wash. By removing the rope or ribbon from the lowest ring you have fixed, you can practically remove the fabric, wash it and put it back in place. When it comes to folding curtain systems, you get more options than you can imagine. In addition to metal rods and skirt weight options, it is possible to design tulle as folded curtains with the use of transparent spacers and lamas. The folding mechanisms can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and can be decided according to the situation of the space. When mounting on the wall, it is sufficient to use a longer mounting apparatus.

Folding curtains, which conquer our hearts with their stylish stance and make our homes more elegant, give great results when entrusted to professional hands. For this, you can choose Gündüzler Curtain Systems, which has made a name for itself with its experience and expertise. The professional team, which you can easily contact, provides services in various cities and reaches its customers more easily. Cities such as İzmir, Antalya, Ankara, Eskişehir and Kocaeli, even Denizli, Sakarya, Trabzon, Samsun and Muğla are included in the service network of Gündüzler Curtain Systems. You can contact us immediately to place your order of folding curtains.

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With our 20 years of experience in curtain systems, we offer you the most suitable solutions by using the highest technologies.

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