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Zebra Curtain Prices and Models

The zebra blind, which draws attention with its usefulness and expands its usage area with its various add-on functions, can actually be defined as a type of roller blind. What we can describe as the double-sided mechanism of the roller blind, it gives you the opportunity to make curtains in a practical way. It is one of its most important features that it is both elegant and useful. By moving the curtain up and down, the space is illuminated by the overlapping of the translucent sides, while darkening is provided by the overlapping of the impermeable layers. Basically, the zebra curtain works with this logic.

The fact that it is extremely practical to clean makes this modern system an indispensable part of our homes. Its elegance, modern structure and comfort allow it to be used in offices, workplaces, meeting rooms and many similar areas, and it also includes our homes in this group. It prefers a wide range of users, from those who adopt minimalist decoration, those who cannot give up on the classic, those who love modern furniture and details, and those who cannot give up on the country style. Zebra curtain prices are determined according to the selected fabric and mechanism features. While different fabric features stand out, there may be model and design differences.

Dimensions are one of the most important price determinants, and whether the mechanism is motorized or not is also an important price determinant. Motorized systems will be a great convenience, especially for people with various mobility restrictions. You can easily move your curtains with the remote control, your smartphone or your tablet. In short, zebra curtains are among the most preferred ones with many advantages. Being decorative, easy to clean, having a motor option, color options and effective light control will be the most important advantages you will gain.

For a successful application, you should entrust your home or workplace to professional hands. Gündüzler Curtain Systems installs curtain systems with a wide service network from Ankara to İzmir, from Antalya to Muğla and Denizli. In addition to these, cities such as Sakarya, Kocaeli, Trabzon, Samsun and Eskişehir are also cities where you can get service.

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