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Hospital Curtain Prices and Models

The hospital curtain indicates a curtain group that needs to be thought and designed much more carefully than many other places. Although we have quite a few options at this point, the important thing is to choose the most functional one. Hospital curtain systems can fulfill different functions. It may have different mechanisms, but every hospital curtain system must have the same ability to screen sensitive environments and have special structures. If you ask what these are, the most important and most important features are that it is anti-bacterial and fire resistant.

Ideal hospital curtains can be installed by choosing fabrics and curtain systems that have proven this feature with various documents. ASTM G21 – G22, M1, B1 – B2 ve NFPA gibi çeşitli kumaş sertifikaları, kumaşların bu tip özelliklerini gösterdiğinden, bunlara dikkat edilerek hastane perdesi seçimi yapılmalıdır.

When it comes to such special areas, different mechanisms come into play. For example, PVC vertical curtain is one of the best options for hospitals. In addition, sunscreen curtains, which are expressed as Sunscreen, are highly preferred. Rail systems and mechanisms defined as separators / separators are also the most preferred ones. It is possible to install a motorized structure in all of these. Gündüzler Curtain Systems can establish the most useful and ideal curtain system for you. With its experience and expertise, it can provide a quality screening service to hospitals.

You can choose Gündüzler Curtain Systems to have the most useful and advantageous curtains, which are needed in various health institutions and especially in hospitals, and which need to be installed precisely. Moreover, you can get almost unlimited service. Whether you are located in big cities such as İzmir, Ankara, Antalya, Kocaeli and Eskişehir, or in other precious cities such as Denizli, Sakarya, Trabzon, Samsun and Muğla… You can get the highest quality service regardless of the difference. You can place your curtain order by contacting the company, which considers it a duty to make our health institutions healthier and safer with successful screening.

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