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Pergola Awning Prices and Models

You can check our page for our pergola products produced by our company using the highest quality materials. Our company has been serving in this sector for many years, with the best masters and the highest quality materials, according to the needs and tastes of our valued customers. In addition, by standing behind the service it provides, it is always with you, our valued customers, in case of any need or repair. As it is known, there are many other companies in the market that provide services on Pergola. Pergolas are usually built on four legs.

The important thing is to accurately measure and cut the thickness and dimensions of the carrier feet and the carriers called wefts, and fix them correctly on the floor to be placed. It is very important that the company that will do this has knowledgeable, experienced and conscious masters in this regard. Many problems experienced in pergolas built by non-expert companies in this regard are known to those concerned and cause both the money you give and the time you give to be wasted, while there may be many damages to your home, environment or life in case of earthquake or storm and rain in any natural event that may occur in the future. That’s why safety comes first for us.

The pergole legs, which are made in unskilled hands without measuring and mowing correctly, can be removed from the place where they are located in case of any storm and can tip over and fly, they can mean the life of a person or animal passing by, but they can create danger in the environment by damaging another property, life or car on the road or in the vicinity.

The pergola models produced by our company and which can be assembled can be produced from many materials. Generally, wooden pergolas are preferred in summer cottages and estates. First-class Russian Pine is used in tree Pergole models. This pine species is brought to our country from the Siberian region of Russia. The trees we use are selected especially as gnarled and can be processed easily because they are also in a soft structure. Russian pine retains the property of being a highly demanded pine species in our country. In our wooden pergola products, the desired type of wood material can be selected in accordance with the taste of our customers and can also be produced by our company in the desired type of embroidered. For wooden products produced with fine workmanship made by our craftsmen, our customers can choose the processing they want and like from our model catalog. In addition, if our customers wish, they can have their favorite wood carving models made by our experienced craftsmen on the Internet. The patterns selected by our customers are placed in the parts of the pergola to be built that they like, designed by our craftsmen with fine workmanship.

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